Online discussion series "Sit & TIC Talks, Conversations on e-confinement"
Online discussion series "Sit & TIC Talks, Conversations on e-confinement". Author: Pexels. 2020. License: BY-SA.

El cicle, format per quatre sessions, estarà moderat per la periodista Karma Peiró i comptaran amb la participació de persones expertes en temes tecnològics. Cada debat tindrà una durada de 25 minuts i es podran seguir en directe a través d'aquest enllaç a la plataforma ZOOM així com recuperar-los per a la seva visualització posterior. 

The cycle, consisting of four sessions, will be moderated by journalist Karma Peiró and will feature the participation of experts in technological issues. Each debate will last 25 minutes and can be followed live via this link on the ZOOM platform as well as retrieved for later viewing.


  • Old technologies at the service of new needs / Monday 27 April. 1 p.m.

Speakers: Marta Gascón, founder of Person KPI and data analytics Fabrizio Magnani, Senior Executive Partner of Gartner

  • Before we went to work, now work comes to us. The reality of teleworking / Monday 4 May. 1 p.m.

Speakers: Meritxell Bautista, technology entrepreneur, co-founder of Fibracat. Ester Manzano, Director General of Digital Administration of the Generalitat.

  • Real uses and solutions of artificial intelligence in times of crisis / Monday 11 May. 1 p.m.

Speakers: Karina Gibert, Researcher in the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning group at the UPC’s Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center. Jordi Vitrià, Professor of Languages ​​and Computer Systems at the University of Barcelona (UB). Member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the UB

  • E-students. What resources do universities offer to continue the course? / Monday 18 May. 1 p.m.

Speakers: Núria Garrido, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Students at the UPC Maria José Figueras, Rector of the Rovira i Virgili University.