From Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 21, two tutored online courses will be offered: one on the Campus Lab tool and one on media literacy. Sign up for it!

Summer image
Summer image. 2016. Font: Pexels.

This week, the Xarxa Punt TIC network launches a new edition of the Summer Campus. Again, the initiative will be designed to work on digital skills, learn about new tools and discover new resources. Specifically, the online training sessions will be aimed at the people who facilitate the Xarxa Punt TIC Network and will have personalized support, constant monitoring and individualized support from the people responsible for the Technical and Promotion Office of the Xarxa Punt TIC

So, this summer, two tutored online courses will be offered. The first course, 'Moodle from 0 for Punt TIC', will focus on the Campus Lab tool, the Moodle platform of the Punt TIC Network. In this sense, the training initiative will propose to discover this virtual environment from scratch, presenting the key concepts, learning to use the basic functionalities of the tool and knowing guidelines and tools to energize the online sessions. Among the programmed contents, the introduction to virtual learning environments, the basic aspects of the tool, the creation of the course and activities and the dynamism of the sessions stand out. The course will last 35 hours.

At the same time, next Friday, July 7, at 10 a.m., a virtual online meeting will be organized to start delving into the Campus Lab tool, the Moodle platform of the Xarxa Punt TIC Network. Under the title 'Moodle from 0. How to use the Campus Lab in your Punt TIC?', the online session will present the platform.

The second course, 'Learn to identify misinformation', will revolve around media literacy. Along these lines, the training initiative will focus on the critical evaluation of disinformation, that is to say, tools and resources will be shared to identify possible misleading news, the objectives of disinformation will be discovered and the verification instruments and strategies to slow down information. The course will last 20 hours.

The new edition of the Summer Campus will start next Monday, July 10 and end next Friday, July 21. Participants will be able to obtain a certificate of completion of the training. The evaluation will take into account various elements such as, for example, the reading of the material, the participation in the forums and the completion of the evaluation questionnaire. In total, a minimum score of 50% will be required to obtain the certificate.

Interested people can sign up for the Summer Camp through this online link .

Interested people can sign up for the virtual meeting through this online link .