The punt TIC-Omnia Teb again launched a new edition of the online course "Blogs and Web 2.0 tools" and "Moodle for trainers". Both groups will take place between 16 May and 12 June. Registrations are now open!

Cursos de Moodle i Eines 2.0 de El Teb
Cursos de Moodle i Eines 2.0 de El Teb. Author: El Teb. 2016. License: BY-SA.

The course "Blogs and Web 2.0 tools" is an initial training aimed at those organizations who want to open a blog or users who already have one and want to rephrase. The training completely virtual, requires a commitment of 20 hours. The course fee is 15 euros. The TEB will access all the information a few days before the start of training.

Through this training the pupils will learn:

  • What needs to communicate? Students will learn how to properly organize the information in your company who want to teach through the blog.
  • Four keys to online communication: to communicate is not the same role in a digital medium than in a paper. In this section, students will learn the keys to know how to write appropriate content in a digital medium.
  • The structure of our blog. What should be the menu of your blog? It should be a news section when you do not have much news? Do you have to insert a map? All these issues will be resolved in this section.
  • How do I ...? Insert pictures, embed videos, photo album, maps, classifying content ...
  • Get extensions and change the design of your blog in one click.

To make your registration fill in the following form. In case of having a blog, this must be installed WordPress on your own server. Means students who use a, a Blogspot or another service may not correctly follow the contents of the training. All the students who do not have a blog, be provided to own a blog platform Blogs Xarxanet to continue training correctly.

Meanwhile, the virtual course "Moodle for trainers" requires 30 hours of approximately and will cost 15 euros. Education (aimed at volunteers, coordinators / s voluntary associations and leaders) will give you the tools necessary to transform your online course content and classroom dynamics adapt to the Internet.

This is the program of the course:

  • Introduction to Moodle online training and pedagogical principles.
  • Publication of educational materials and resources for students.
  • Interactive spaces, forms of activities that require input from students.
  • Areas of communication between students and teachers.
  • Basic configuration of a course, how to use Moodle as a course tool.
  • Get Moodle PFVC and how organizations can take advantage of this space.

Now you can register through the form below .

Both courses are recognized by Training Plan Volunteer Catalonia .