The Smartcentre together with the Santa Bárbara City Council this year and given the restrictions, have chosen to highlight the role of women in their town and territory with online activities.

Activities March 8, 2021 at the Smartcentre in Santa Bárbara
Activities March 8, 2021 at the Smartcentre in Santa Bárbara. Author: Smartcentre Santa Bàrbara. 2021. License: All rights reserved.

During the week, they will carry out various activities. On March 8, they will read the manifesto and presentation on the social networks of women leaders of the municipality who have stood out in some area. In addition, at school, the students will also work these same women. At the institute, five women from different municipalities in the area will attend and they will explain their experiences in terms of jobs or hobbies in which they have found themselves to be women.

This main activity will be followed by others who will highlight the work of women in different areas. For example, on Thursday, March 11, there will be a presentation on social networks of outstanding women in the field of sport, on March 15 they will speak with prominent women in the field of associations and volunteering, on March 18 with leading women of the world of the industry of the territory, on March 22 on trade as an economic engine that was for women and finally, on March 25 with women who have been part of the municipal council and the increase in women from 1983 to the present that the political parties in the area have suffered.

On Monday, March 29, a photographic selection will be made with all these women of the municipality.