Internet at small businesses
Internet at small businesses. Font: Image from Comerç

Only three out of 10 companies with fewer than 10 employees have website. It is an issue of concern at a time when having Internet presence has become vital. Fundació puntCAT wants to stir this reality and support small businesses to launch into the digital adventure. It will do it through the project Comerç and with the collaboration of the Government of Catalonia.

The program starts at Girona, with the support of the city council. It will take place from 4 to 18 October. After this first experience, it aims to expand its reach to other towns in the region that want to join the initiative.

Traders wishing to participate in the digitization campaign can make an appointment by calling freephone 900 866 192 or through the website www.comerç A team of professionals will visit the business to develop a website. For the price of the acquisition of a .cat (8 euros), the merchant will get a free website and a hosting server.

This action represents the first foray into the dealer's digital world, with basic information about the property and its products or services. For those businesses interested in a more elaborated website it offer more advanced alternatives.