Premi Ruralapps 2019
La sisena convocatòria del Premi Ruralapps està oberta fins al 17 de juny. Author: Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació. 2019. Font: Premi Ruralapps 2019. License: All rights reserved.

The call is open until June 17 and is aimed at companies with headquarters in Catalonia and individuals who have developed the two best functional mobile applications that contribute to the improvement of the agricultural, food or rural sector.

The prize has two modalities :

  • Ruralapps-Professional : For apps that help professionals in the agro-food, rural, forestry and fishing sector to carry out their activity.
  • Ruralapps-Citizenship : For apps that bring innovative solutions and knowledge of the sector to the citizens.

Each modality of prize is endowed with € 3,000.

Mobile applications that are presented may be newly created or be in a commercial phase during the last two years.

Any candidate who has developed a mobile application designed to provide solutions in any of the fields of action of the Department of Agriculture, aimed at both citizens and professionals in the sectors, can also choose the prize.

These areas of action are:

  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Forest management and natural environment. Agro-food industry and food
  • Training, transfer, advice and innovation in the agri-food and rural areas
  • Rural development