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Sign up for the Punt TIC 2019 Summer Campus!

Posted on 01/07/2019
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Imatge per a difondre el Campus d'Estiu de Punt TIC 2019
Imatge per a difondre el Campus d'Estiu de Punt TIC 2019, for Pixabay. 2013. Licence: BY-SA

This summer, from Punt ICT , we offer you three training actions to learn new tools and incorporate them into your spaces. The courses will be open from July 22 to 26, with a duration of 10 hours each.

It is aimed at motivators and motivators of the ICT Point Network motivated to work on new tools on programming and educational robotics , virtual and augmented reality and activities with a gender perspective .

You can register through this link .

Programming and educational robotic at your Point

In charge of Carles Roca - facilitator of the ICT Point Alta Ribagorça .

Introductory course on programming and educational robotics , where, based on examples and sharing experiences and projects that have been done, we will see how to use Scratch , know the "culture maker", also what options are within the robotics educational

Promoting STEM education through mobile technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In charge of Colectic .

Technology exploration course to use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at your Points. The RV and RA as a tool to motivate participation: digital narrative, creation of a RA project linked to the territory and cultural heritage.

Activities with a gender perspective

In charge of the Technical Office of the Punt TIC Network .

Do you want to help break the gender digital divide? Do you encourage yourself to promote activities to boost and empower girls with ICT? In this course we will know what resources we have at our disposal to do it and we will discuss about the situation in which we are and which strategies and projects have worked best in this area.

Soon, open inscriptions! For more information , you can contact the Technical Office of the Punt TIC Network : oficina.tecnica [arrova] punttic.cat | 902 365 209.

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