S'apropen les festes nadalenques i des de l'Òmnia Sant Roc de Badalona han iniciat una campanya per a recollida de joguines usades, però en bon estat perquè infants en situació de risc d'exclusió social puguin gaudir de Nadal.

Donation of toys to Omni Sant Roc
Donation of toys to Omni Sant Roc. Font: Pixabay. License: BY-SA.

This project is carried out with the collaboration of the Ateneu Sant Roc Foundation , the Casal dels Infants de Badalona and the Lalilujammer Foundation , who are waiting for donations of toys to offer a Christmas to children at risk of exclusion with recycled gifts. They will go to the Toy Upcycling workshop of the North Barcelonès Mental Health Association.

At the Ateneu Sant Roc Foundation, they collect symbolic play toys (kitchens, doctors, etc.), dolls, cars, board games, bikes or scooters; at Casal dels Infants you can leave older toys, from 0 to 6 years old, cars and school supplies and at the Lalilujammer Foundation, books and games in English, large toys and sports equipment. You can find more information here .