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Promoting spaces for empowering women in ICT

Posted on 22/05/2019
icona de so
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Dona treballant amb ordinador
Dona treballant amb ordinador, for Pixabay. 2017. Licence: BY-SA

In Europe at 2020, there will be 200,000 vacancies in digital jobs of which only 58,000 will be occupied by digital profiles. In Barcelona, only the 22% will be ocuppied by women.

With this reality, Schneider Electric and Valkiria Innovation organize an after-work day on Thursday June 6 in the afternoon to combat the digital divide of the genre of the technology industry.

This first session , will be presented the project "We Mean Tech" of Schneider Electric, for the empowerment of women STEAM; Women 50in Tech de Valkiria, an international platform designed by women who want to give impetus to technological projects within their companies and the "Barcelona Digital Talent Alliance" initiative, which seeks to position Barcelona as a center of digital talent with experiences and experiences of women STEAM

The seminar is aimed at women with a technical profile and people interested in the STEAM Community who want to improve their professional skills and create a meeting and networking space with professionals and TECH projects.

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