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Participate in the survey on the professional situation of the digital facilitators!

Posted on 20/03/2017
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A group of ICT facilitators in JdIS 2015
A group of ICT facilitators in JdIS 2015, for Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa Punt TIC. 2015. Licence: BY-NC-SA

A group of ICT facilitators is working for the recognition and visualization of this professional figure. The first step is to analyze the current situation. They have created an online survey and ask all ICT facilitators to answer it.

The figure of the ICT facilitators is a very diverse professional profile, halfway between community facilitator, an ICT trainer, a social educator and a ICT specialist. Since a time ago, there is a debate about the role of this figure, their necessary skills, training, employment, social influence in the speech of ICT and its strategy, etc. This is why a group of professionals of the social promotion of ICT have constituted a group for the recognition, display, regulation and improvement of this figure.

The first step is to analyze how it is to do this work, in what areas and working conditions, and what is their impact on society. So they have created a survey (which you can answer anonymously). They know that it will not be a comprehensive report, but it will give a first picture to see what is the general trend and, from there, establish lines to work.

This group invites all ICT facilitators to answer "honestly and as precisely as possible." They also ask for a helping hand with the dissemination of the survey: "If you can, send it to other facilitators to spread it in order to achieve maximum representation".

The report resulting from data obtained will be public and shared via official channels (Òmnia Network, Punt TIC Networkand Red Conecta) and the website of the steering group. They also intend to present these results and its proposals soon.

For more information, visit the group's website or send an email to: dinamitzatic [at] gmail.com.

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