From the European TAACTIC project in which the Fundació Esplai collaborates, and which aims to improve the digital skills of low-qualified adults who are in a job search process. Do you want to participate?

We turn to professionals in digital training so that they can assess, from your expert perspective, the map of digital skills that has been developed in the project and that will be the basis for the design of a training itinerary that improves the lives of these groups at risk of exclusion.

In order to collaborate, all you need to do is answer this form. This questionnaire includes access to a brief document of the digital competences map to which we referred and which should be read before responding to the questionnaire. Reviewing the document and filling in the form should not take more than 20-30 minutes. The deadline to participate is next February 27.
From the Fundació Esplai, we thank you for the time you can dedicate to it. We are convinced that projects like TAACTIC have to be nourished by the knowledge and accumulated experience of professionals like you. We encourage you to learn more about the project and give it visibility, supporting the publications on its Facebook page.