Panoramed 2019
Panoramed 2019. Author: Núria Ishii - OT Punt TIC. 2019. License: BY-SA.

This event is part of the Panoramed project, governance project of the European Interreg MED program , which   It supports the process of strengthening and developing cooperation frameworks in the Mediterranean region for joint responses to common challenges and opportunities.

For two days, more than 60 experts in innovation from different fields created a meeting space , debate and proposals with representatives of public policies, programs, initiatives and researchers in the Mediterranean area.

The Government of Catalonia led the innovation work group , which promotes strategic innovation projects for the Mediterranean and develops recommendations for the innovation policies of the next European fund period 2021-2027.

The program addressed different topics for the formulation of proposals and the improvement of the governance of innovation policies , with the aim of facilitating collaboration between public administrations, universities and research centers in the Mediterranean.