To enjoy programming and robotics with both children and adults in a telecentre is possible. So they do at the Òmnia Gornal in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and they want to share their experience with the rest of the network and offer ideas to work these matters in community.

Children working with Little Bits in Òmnia Gornal
Children working with Little Bits in Òmnia Gornal.

Enrique Mangas, manager of the Òmnia Gornal, has created a small guide containing suggestions for activities related to programming, robotics and electronics. These includes two dynamics to develop computational thinking, without too many resources.

The first, for example, can be developed with plastic cups and templates (offered in the guide). For the second dynamic you need the electronic kits of Little Bits (Technical Office of the Punt TIC network makes loans to interested telecentres).

Children, adults and seniors from Òmnia Gornal have participated in these activities and they collected their experience in the guide. It also offers suggestions for community work, such as transgenerational workshops.

You can consult the guide on this link.