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Omnia Campclar Educational Robotics in Tarragona

Posted on 14/07/2016
icona de so
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The Omnia Campclar in Tarragona, one of which is also joined and is working with the participants of educational robotics activities! In this video you can see children in the process of assembling robots Ollo Bug. In addition, monitoring circuits were designed with sensors and robots staged battles, where you will really excited!

Remember, the Technical Office of the ICT Network Point makes available loan service robotics kits for facilitators and dynamic. Those interested in and benefit from this service please send an email to oficina.tecnica@punttic.cat informing you of the protocol and conditions for the transfer of the material. In addition, you will be given / high from the online community "Grow with robots and code" where you have the support of other network professionals interested in the subject.

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