La tasca de les entitats socials és essencial com a servei públic. No obstant des de fa temps la burocràcia a què estan exposades les dificulta per a obtenir recursos. El 24 de novembre m4social impulsa una sessió per a oferir eines i oportunitats de millora.

Conference on digitization and digital simplification in the Third Social Sector
Conference on digitization and digital simplification in the Third Social Sector. 2018. License: BY-SA.

71% of the income of social entities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona comes from public administrations ; 19.3% of the financing is own; and 9.6% private, according to data from the latest Barometer of the third social sector of the Table of the Third Social Sector.

Some of the problems they face are that each administration has its own models, the platforms are not very intuitive, the support is non-existent or specific software is required. All this causes the technical barriers to multiply and organizations suffer daily the consequence of these excessive procedures, which affect their internal management and their services.

This is why m4Social will present on November 24 the event " Digital simplification in public administration: proposals from social entities" in collaboration with - Organizations for Global Justice to offer tools and opportunities of improvement Also, good practices will be shared and a round table will be held with expert voices on how digitization should favor the relationship between the administration and social organizations. Prior registration is required at this link.