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New Info "Learn and works in the technology sector"

Posted on 23/05/2016
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The Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) will collaborate with seven major technology companies to train and hire young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee. The collaboration responds to the demand from technology companies, specifically to have young people ready to fill jobs in the ICT field.

The training is aimed at young graduates or CFG, under 30 and registered with the Youth Guarantee. The duration will depend on the needs of companies, and developed according to the characteristics of professional profiles required to incorporate their workplaces. To learn more about the project and participate in the selection process of candidates has been called the briefing "Forma't and works in the technology sector," which will take place on 26 May at 16.30 in the street Llàstics, 2 Barcelona (Arc de Triomphe). Is required prior registration .

The seven companies are participating in the program Itteria Ute, Altran Innovation SL, Deloitte Consulting, Information Systems and Territorial Posicionamiento SL, Fujitsu Technology Solutions SA, T-Systems ITC Iberia and Software Engineering Avanazado.

The guarantee Youth is an initiative of the European Union to reduce youth unemployment, implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs through the SOC own funds and the European Social Fund.