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New free Wi-Fi call for Europeans

Posted on 09/03/2020
icona de so
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Imatge per difondre la convocatòria de WIFI4EU
Imatge per difondre la convocatòria de WIFI4EU, for Pixabay. Licence: BY-SA

On March 17 at 1pm (Central European Time), the municipalities of the European Union have a new opportunity to be part of the European WIFI4EU initiative, whereby public spaces can have quality free Wi-Fi in city councils of Europe.

This new call WiFi4EU is scheduled for Tuesday , March 17 at 13:00 (Central European Time) . It will have a budget of 15,000 euros per municipality. 26628 have already been registered.

The goal is for any public space - museums, squares, hospitals, official units - to provide free Wi-Fi . According to the European provision, by 2020, and in accordance with the objectives of the Digital Agenda, all Europeans, wherever they live, must have quality Internet access - at least 30Mb - and 50% the population, Internet access with a bandwidth greater than 100 MB.

Municipalities that receive this money in the form of vouchers will be able to use it to partially finance a higher value project, to purchase new equipment or upgrade old equipment, and to replace it with the latest and best available equipment on the market.

The municipalities that represent a city council of Catalonia and want to integrate a quality Wi-Fi service in their municipalities, must fill out the web forms .

For more information, you can contact the program through this link .

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