The CTecno promotes the third edition of ApadrinaTIC, an initiative that facilitates the inclusion in the world of work of students of technological careers with the collaboration with companies of the ICT ecosystem. one

ApadrinaTIC 2023
ApadrinaTIC 2023.

ApadrinaTIC is a scholarship and mentoring program promoted by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) for ICT degree and master's students from Catalan universities. Two types of aid are established: type A of financial support aid and a mentoring program, for ICT degree students and type B , a mentoring program supervised by professionals from technological companies workshops of the Cercle Tecnològic's ApadrinaTIC program for official ICT master's students.

CTecno presented the third edition of these grants on January 17, facilitating the meeting of students with technological companies . "Students arrive at the mentorships full of worries about their professional future. One of the scholarship recipients adds that they know about the big platforms, but they don't know that there is a powerful ICT sector at the local level. Here we have homework to do," he explained Liliana Arroyo , director general of Societada Digital.

The new edition will start in the middle of February until the month of May . During this period, each participant will be assigned a tutor from one of the eighteen companies that will participate this year, including companies such as Cisco, Parlem, Basetis or Colt, among others.

The first and second editions of ApadrinaTIC had the participation of seventeen and thirty-one students , respectively. The third edition has 64 applications, although the initial forecast is to open fifty places. To choose the participants, there are various selection criteria that take into account everything from the academic record to the financial costs of the degree. Female participation is also taken into account with the intention of putting the focus on the gender gap in an ICT sector.