In November 2020, mSchools started the #mSchoolswebinars cycle "Blurring the classroom walls" with four sessions to address the current challenges of schools in the digital realm. The last session will take place on March 10.

Children sitting in the classroom
Children sitting in the classroom. Author: Pexels. 2015. License: BY-SA.

In the first of the four sessions of this cycle, "Blurring the classroom walls", the participants designed a project that transcends the classroom and establishes alliances with the environment.

The second session called "Knowledge: from where and how do we learn?", Analyzed what are the different personalized learning trajectories, how to carry out a holistic evaluation and what are the roles of the teacher and the student body in the classroom.

With the title "Digital Ethics: Challenges and Opportunities" the third session of the cycle talks about how to search for and create multimedia material on the web and combat the threat of misinformation as well as delve into the aspects necessary to create a quality project in the classroom.

The fourth session of the cycle with the title "The classrooms, an open window to the world", will be held on March 10 and will deal with how to generate knowledge in the 21st century and the main axes on which to build a project that is capable of breaking the walls of the classroom and be consumed by citizens. Registration will be open soon.

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