Get Online Week 2016
Get Online Week 2016. 2016. Font: Comunidad Redes de Telecentros. License: All rights reserved.

"Promoting digital training" has been the motto of this seventh edition of the GOW, who once again wanted to train and educate more people in areas such as online identity, cybersecurity, technological skills or knowledge of the tools to become citizens and Internet users with full rights and duties.

The Association of Community Networks Telecentros has been responsible for leading the project among national telecentre networks. Throughout the week programmed activities related to new professions, training for employability and accreditation of digital skills as central. Here is a list of some of the actions that were developed as part of the Get Online Week 2016:

  • XV Meeting of Telecentre Networks: Workshop "Design Thinking for Social Innovation Digital," a methodological model of disruptive thought which addressed the creation of spontaneous ideas and proposals digital social innovation aimed at solving social challenges. Participated 80 technicians telecentre networks in Spain.
  • The Technological Literacy Plan information sessions on ICT tools and resources for job search, resume or digital office tools, among others. In Extremadura, developed 120 training a total of 1,100 participants.
  • Workshops "Skillage, are you ready to be hired / ada?" Tudela were used to analyze the digital skills of the participants and offer recommendations to improve their skills.
  • Telecentre Castile and Leon, Galicia, Andalusia and Recreation Foundation also schedule some training workshops and online learning to help young people to improve their employability through learning and use of ICT. Among all workshops have exceeded 1,300 participants.