Inclusive housing
Inclusive housing. Font: m4Social.

The #reptehabitatge is an initiative of m4Social project sponsored by the Bureau of the Third Sector Organisations of Catalonia (Taula d'Entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya), in collaboration with apps4citizens and Ship2b to promote the use and creation of technology, preferably mobile, which allows access to a more socially fair housing.

In Catalonia are needed 230,000 rental houses, of which 100,000 are inclusion housing for the most vulnerable people and groups with special needs. This challenge helps social organizations and NGOs to achieve more social impact through mobile technology.

The challenge is based on the needs and involvement of social housing management organizations and seeks to develop and implement innovative mobile technology in this sector. Convening entrepreneurs, technologists, professionals, NGOs, students and all those committed to improving the capture, access and management of social housing in Catalonia, as well as improving the living conditions and social integration of users social rent.

It offers a process of co-creation, where people who register will collaborate with organizations and professionals working for inclusive housing. In the conference convened by the co-creation they will work on different computers.

The registration period ends on November 7 and then will begin the activities of co-creation with the nonprofits that will take place on 8 and 30 November. December 20 will be held the final event, where the teams will present their proposals to the jury, which will choose three winning projects. They will have the support of the Foundation Ship2B during three months to be able to develop ideas towards a sustainable project tha can attract financing and investment.