Those interested can submit their university pre-registration application online next Tuesday, September 19 and next Wednesday, September 20. Read more!

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Next September, UManresa (UVic-UCC) will have a new university degree. Designed for high school or training students, both with a technological and social profile, and for working people interested in the use of new technologies as a tool for transforming companies and organizations, the degree in Management of the Digital Society proposes disruptive content. The central objective is to train people who can accompany companies and public and private organizations in their digital transformation processes with an ethical, human rights perspective and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. "We want to train future professionals who respond to current needs that are not covered, but always with a humanistic perspective, which crosses each and every one of the contents", says Sílvia Mas, vice-chancellor of UManresa.

The degree in Management of the Digital Society is an official qualification with a duration of four years and a total of 240 credits that is taught in a semi-face-to-face mode. These studies have an optional program which, with the name of Premium and without any added cost, facilitates the learning of two languages and access to paid stays in companies and organizations through agreements. "We are convinced that this degree will have a high employability rate, since the curriculum has been worked on side by side with many companies, private and public, from very diverse sectors, who have expressed their needs for this professional profile as a key element for the sustainable use of technology in their organizations", specifies Mas.

In terms of content, the training proposal presents three main axes: technology and its applications, data analysis and business, project and people management. "We want to work interdisciplinary to transform and to carry out a digital and social transformation project. At UManresa, we are committed to an innovative methodology, which brings together theory and practice, in addition to expertise in the use of simulation techniques for professional learning processes. With the help of actors, actresses and detailed spaces, we place students in front of simulated situations that pose real challenges, where we deepen transversal skills such as, for example, leadership, communication or personal empowerment », points out Mas.

The 2023-2024 academic year will be the first edition of the degree in Digital Society Management. Currently, there are still some places available for the new university training at UManresa (UVic-UCC). In this sense, those interested can submit their application for university pre-registration online next Tuesday, September 19 and next Wednesday, September 20 through this link .