Susana Ferrer, cap de secció d’Innovació i Promoció Empresarial i Pau Llauger, tècnic AODL en tecnologies digitals a la JdIS 2019
Susana Ferrer, cap de secció d’Innovació i Promoció Empresarial i Pau Llauger, tècnic AODL en tecnologies digitals a la JdIS 2019. Author: Ajuntament de Girona. 2019. Font: Experiència LabGI!. License: All rights reserved.

The LabG Experience and is an initiative based on open innovation for the generation of disruptive solutions to complex challenges with the aim of favoring the competitiveness and consolidation of companies.

In response to the challenge proposed by the Girona company Eventis (cultural promotion platform that wants to make a leap in the world of tourism), the LabGi Experience, after a first day of inspiration for the image and tourism promotion , offers the possibility to participate, on the one hand, in two new inspirational days.

The first session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18 , under the title Creativity and tourism innovation in the field of 'Mindful Travel' . 'Mindful Travel' , or conscious tourism, is a type of tourism focused on the quality of life and the transformation of people and destinations, looking for internal balance and the environment. The day will be guided by Edgar Tarrés , founder of Mindfulkit and director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Spirituality at the UdG Foundation. The session will be held at the Auditorium of the La Mercè Cultural Center from 10 in the morning, prior registration is required.

The second inspirational day will be held by Montserrat Peñarroya , director of the International Research Institute of the Information and Knowledge Society, and will discuss how to innovate in the tourism sector and how to adapt tourist destinations to new ones trends The session will take place on Thursday, September 19th , at 4:30 pm at the Manel Xifra Auditorium of the UdG's Scientific and Technological Park and it is also necessary to sign up previously .

Finally, there will be a course of creativity and innovation open on Fridays from September 27 to October 11 , to learn how to conceptualize and execute an open innovation process. Open innovation raises the need to find solutions based on the collaboration of diverse people who together can contribute visions and disruptive solutions to increasingly complex challenges.

This course, led by Novagroup , aims to encourage the development of a culture of creativity and innovation in people and organizations, as well as learn techniques and co-creation processes in teams. Participating people will have the opportunity, once the course has finished, to participate in putting these knowledge into practice in the face of the proposed challenge.

The LabGi Experience! is a project promoted by Girona Emprença de l'Ajuntament de Girona with the collaboration of AENTEG and is funded with funds from the City Council of Girona and a subsidy of the Diputació de Girona in the framework of aid to projects singulars of economic development corresponding to the year 2019.