We talk to different people who work or participate in the Florida-les Plaines TIC Point, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, managed by the AEMA Foundation. Do you know them?

The Punt TIC la Florida -les Planes , managed by the AEMA Foundation , is committed to training young people from the neighborhood so that they become the dynamists of the space. They are young people who know the reality of the neighborhood and it helps to generate empathy. During the month of January, more than 600 procedures were attended to. They also do virtual digital literacy training for seniors in the area.

The facilitators who work at the TIC Point come from a training project called CEPLAN aimed at young people in the territory. The organization trained them as digital social facilitators. "We believe that it is important that the territory is energized by people from the same territory, that it has a special sensitivity and that the person is referenced by the neighbors", explains Robert López , responsible for the point.

Issa Dumbia , one of the facilitators who work there at Punt TIC, is clear about it. "People come here with disappointment because sometimes they've been wanting to do a procedure for months and they can't. We try to provide training and a personalized service as well as solve their problem," he adds.

This 2023 from AEMA they have a wish: the creation of a traveling ICT Point that rotates through different places in the city of Hospitalet with a stay of one month in each location. They still have to define what form it will take.