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Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data seeks professionals for the 'Hackaton Dades X Dones' project

Posted on 18/12/2017
icona de so
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Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data seeks professionals for the 'Hackaton Dades X Dones' project
Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data seeks professionals for the 'Hackaton Dades X Dones' project, for Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Create digital solutions so that women can have more opportunities in the economics of care. This is the objective of the project that will be developed by the Barcelona Open Data Initiative and, to be able to carry it out, they are looking for a technician of the hackaton and a gender technique.

Specifically, the 'Hackaton Dades X Dones' project aims to create digital solutions with technologies and open data that contribute to promoting the economics of care . They will do it with criteria of effective equality of women and co-responsibility, as well as digital rights and digital privacy . The initiative will take place in the neighborhoods of Les Corts, Sarrià and Sant Genís in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Open Data Initiative will carry out this project along with four other organizations: Mou Les Corts, the Catalan Platform Supporting the European Women's Lobby, Women in Network and the vocal of women of the Association of neighbors of Sant Genís .

Within the framework of this project, they have published two job offers:

  • Hackaton technical person: It is a work contract that combines technical work (5 hours a day, approximately) with a doctorate research (3 hours a day) for 3 years.
  • Gender technical collaboration: They are looking for a person with experience in applying the gender perspective to the projects, as well as in the field of care.

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