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Imagine and Create with Scratch in the ICT point of Tremp

Posted on 10/05/2016
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Imagina i crea amb Scratch a Tremp
Imagina i crea amb Scratch a Tremp. Source: Web del punt TIC Tremp. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The ICT point of Tremp and Resource Center of Pallars Jussà organize jointly a series of workshops Scratch programming targeted at children in 5th and 6th grade. The training will take place during the month of June in the schools of the municipality.

The series "Imagine and Create with Scratch" want to start the children in the program but also committed to work other transferable skills such as teamwork, cooperation, responsibility and sequential thinking. Through the workshop also aims to foster creativity through the tools of visual language, visual and audiovisual. During the course of the mini-curricular work projects such as axes, the positive and negative numbers, angles and twists or time units, among others.

The series consists of three 50-minute sessions with the following contents:

  • First session: What is this program? You work the concepts of code, programming and Scratch.
  • Second session: Scratch language. Improvement with Scratch Cards.
  • Third session: I think my game with my characters.

The cycle will also support the Red Point ICT provide a robotic kit through its loan service material. The sessions are designed for a maximum of 15 students. For more information please contact the point of ICT Temple through this contact form .

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