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II edition of the Bitbot.cat Awards

Posted on 17/02/2020
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IIIa edició dels Premis Bitbot.cat
IIIa edició dels Premis Bitbot.cat, for Oficina Tècnica. 2020. Licence: BY-SA

On February 13th, the 3rd edition of the Bitbot.cat Awards was held , a project promoted by the Secretariat of Digital Policies of the Generalitat of Catalonia, which offers schools and entities that organize STEAM activities the possibility of publishing them in their catalog. Want to know who the winners are?

The event took place in the Auditorium of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration (Via Laietana, 26) in Barcelona presented by Francesc Rambla i Marigot , consultant of the SmartCatalonia plan .

Rambla explained the news of this year:

  • New website: http://bitbot.gencat.cat
  • New features: work bag
  • Activities designed for families and schools

Joana Barbany Freixa , General Director of Digital Society at the Government of Catalonia, welcomed all the attendees and emphasized the need to enhance the robotics and educational programming in listening to promote the development of professional skills and creation of alliances between the educational world and agents of the scientific and technological field.

The projects and finalists were:

1. Joan Betbesé Camí , 3D graphic artist, for his STEM Development project 'Fantastic Bot'
2. Pascal Cousseran , promoter of the Omnia Sant Roc in Badalona Sud for the socio-educational project 'Let's communicate and talk: we program all together' for children
3. Emma Lleixà , electronic technical engineer, for her project 'Work with time sequences', a Scratch tool for working cognitive skills adaptable to any energizing person
4. Laura López , from the Children and Youth Center Clock XXI l, for her robotics project 'The Wizard of Games' for boys and girls without programming and robotics knowledge
5. Isaac Mas for the project 'Educational robotics in a rural school' with 22 activities designed for boys and girls of small schools rooted in the territory

In addition, the jury awarded three:

1. 'The Wizard of Games' by Laura López

2. 'Educational Robotics in a Rural School' by Isaac Mas

3. 'Communicate and Talk' by Pascal Couresan