IMO Lleida
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In 2015 the Municipal Institute for Employment Lleida joined Punt TIC Network, offering two spaces, the point located in the space Atenea (3 computers integrated into the work space of intermediation) and the point located at the Aula 5 (15 computers). That year, they drafted the regulations for use of the spaces, organized the communication through the website of the IMO and the made the first action program for revitalization by the end of the year.

In 2016 they programmed short workshops. The initial objective was to act as an element in the line of work related to digital literacy, as they detected a lack of basic knowledge among a large part of the people who come to the IMO in job search. They try to identified needs and demands of the participants of the services of the IMO and program courses based on these needs.

For the first months of 2017 they have planned the following workshops:

  • 28/02: Tools for self-training of basic ACTIC
  • 21.03: Introduction to the Internet
  • 4.20: Security in mobile devices
  • 4.26: Network security
  • 5.5: Creating and maintaining a blog
  • 23.05: Dynamic Excel Tables
  • 13.06: Presentations with Prezi

For more information and registration please visit this link.