Logotip of Hack the School
Logotip of Hack the School. Author: Educació Demà - Fundació Jaume Bofill. 2016. License: All rights reserved.

The Jaume Bofill Foundation considers that reflecting and experimenting with the reorganization of school spaces can be a catalyst for a more radical change, both educational (learning optimization) and community level (greater involvement, communication and involvement of students, families, teachers and other stakeholders in school life). So they sent the call Hack the School, which will offer 30 schools the opportunity to think and implement these changes, with the involvement of the entire educational community and the assistance and support of the Foundation Jaume Bofill.

Thus, Hack the School seeks 30 schools who wish to rethink their spaces and school items, with the aim to develop proposals and solutions aimed at improving and optimizing the learning of their students and links between different Member community education.


  • The support of an expert in architecture and design who work collaboratively throughout the call.
  • Specific training to apply different methodological kits based on design thinking that will guide action research and co-creation, change processes, decisions and solutions in your heart.
  • Visits to schools and schools that have rethought their school spaces so you can see first hand their solutions.
  • Access to materials related to inspiring practice that will be very useful in your own processes.
  • Share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas with others and schools.

The applications for participation should be submitted until 1 February 2107, by filling out this form. Before doing so, please read the rules of the call.

February 12 will be announced the 30 schools selected and start the process of reorganization, which will culminate in May.