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The Government launches its first nanosatellite into space

Posted on 15/03/2021
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Image of the Earth seen from Outer Space
Image of the Earth seen from Outer Space, for Pexels. 2016. Licence: BY-SA

This Saturday, March 20 at 07:07:12, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan, the Government launches its first aerospace nanosatellite. It will provide IoT connectivity throughout the Catalan territory, within the framework of the NewSpace Strategy promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The nanosatellite has been developed by the Catalan companiesOpen Cosmos and Sateliot in a bid by the Catalan Government for a growing sector that is expected to generate 1.200 jobs in the next 4 years and a turnover of 280 million euros. Currently, the New Space Ecosystem in Catalonia is made up of more than 30 emerging companies, some of them world leaders, and more than 13 research and innovation centers.

The 'Catalonia, we get into orbit' campaign reveals first-hand the testimonies of a new generation of young catalan people who have either trained in Catalonia, or carry out research and investigation projects or work in the aerospace sector from here .

The launch of the nanosatellite has been baptized with the name of Enxaneta for boys and girls of Catalonia, thanks to a contest organized by the children's news channel Super3, InfoK and promoted by the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration with the aim of promoting the scientific and technical vocations among kids. It can be followed live through the campaign website, in which the countdown is already activated and from which the signal will be broadcast live 40 minutes before take-off time.