Technovation 2017
Technovation 2017. Font: Technovation.

Technovation offers girls between 10 and 18 years old from around the world the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and technological leaders. It encourages the participants to identify a problem in their community and create a mobile application solution to cope. They also learn to communicate and translate these ideas into a business plan. They do it in groups of up to five girls with the support of mentors. Projects should focus on these areas: poverty, environment, peace, equity and local impact.

The registration for the 2017 edition of Technovation is already open. The program will begin in January and will end with the presentation of projects on-line on April 26. They will be working on their projectes for 12 weeks. In tihs edition there is the possibility to start October 2016. They will treat the same contents, but starting before.

Once registered, participants will have access to full Technovation plan, which will guide them through the identification of a problem in their community, the development of a mobile application and building a business plan. They may also look for mentors.

Similarly, you can register volunteers who want to be mentors as well as judges and regional ambassadors. The mentors are professionals who are comfortable supporting teams of girls participating in the program. Learn with their teams, solve problems and help oversee the process.

The Punt TIC managers can be mentors and involve participants in this exciting journey of technological entrepreneurship. What do you think about this? Will participate?

For more information, please see this presentation in Spanish.