How are we using technology and how do older people deal with it? At FiraGran 2022 we spoke with participants about their relationship with technological tools and the Plan de choc against the digital divide project of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

One of the round tables that took place at the last FiraGran 2022 was the use we are giving to technology and evaluating how to face the permanent challenges that exist, such as, for example, how to integrate new technologies in the care for the elderly.

The session 'Technology and care for the elderly: a utopia or a reality?' , moderated by Juan Pablo Correa, responsible for the Virtual Classroom of pointed out that the main problem with new technologies in the care sector for the elderly is the fear of use and this fear many sometimes they come from the people who look after them, such as professionals and family, who put up certain barriers with these fears. And he concluded that the difficulty of technological integration does not exist, but that it is necessary to coordinate and find interlocking points.

The Technical and Promotion Office of the Punt ICT Network, we were present at the fair to be able to collect the testimony of some attendees, as well as the Secretariat of Digital Policies, which promoted information on digital training for the elderly through the ICT Point Network. "In my case, I'm 73 years old and I find it difficult? No, it's all about showing interest. My dream is to learn how to make web pages," explained one of the participants.

Shock plan against the digital divide

The Shock Plan against the digital gap is a statewide plan. In Catalonia, it is managed by the Generalitat to try to offer digital literacy to the population most in need, especially to the group of people over 65 years of age. "It will be carried out mainly through the different points of the TIC Point Network", says Ricard Benítez, technical director of Societat Digital.

In 2021, the ICT Point Network announced the existing offer for digital training and the empowerment of the elderly and the possibilities offered by the ACTIC certificate in the accreditation of digital competence. You can find here a collection of the workshops that were offered.