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An experience of programming and robotics at the Omnia CC Sant Roc

Posted on 16/12/2019
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Activitats al Punt Òmnia TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc
Activitats al Punt Òmnia TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc, for Punt Òmnia - Punt TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc. 2019. Source: bitbot.cat. Licence: BY-SA

The Point Òmnia- TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc on Friday, December 13, in collaboration with the Digital Inclusion and Training Service of the Digital Policy Secretariat, gave a talk and practical training workshop in the field of programming and educational robotics for people in charge of social activism in Badalona.

The bitbot.cat program of the Secretariat of Digital Policies, the Secretariat of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society of the Generalitat of Catalonia (in collaboration with the Department of Education) promotes extra-curricular educational activities and facilitated this formative action.

The Punt Òmnia- TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc welcomed this experience which was very positive. Some of the reasons are:

- The invigorating people could benefit from the opportunity to receive innovative training that was needed and demanded. They always needed it and look forward to it.

- The monitors and users of the organizations SMBN Association (Mental Health Barcelonès Nord), the Siklavipen Savorença project of the private foundation Pere Closa discovered the educational applications of programming and robotics, and their potential.

- Users with functional diversity and at risk of social and digital exclusion were pleasantly trained in the educational use of programming and robotics , through the creation of simple programs such as Scratch and robot manipulation.

- The entities and users, such as the telecentre invigorator, thanked the trainers for the direction of the workshop by the trainer David of the ICOFAM training company . It was decided to repeat this experience soon.

Due to all this, it is interesting to amplify these talks and training activities to disseminate the potential of these innovative tools to a large number of telecenters, as the Points and the energizers are agents of digital and social transformation.