Tercera convocatòria de #ChicasInTech de la Fundación Esplai
Tercera convocatòria de #ChicasInTech de la Fundación Esplai. Author: Fundación Esplai. 2020. License: All rights reserved.

Data from major institutions show that there is a gender gap in studies that choose girls and their subsequent career development. Only 35% of students enrolled in science and technology careers are women , and only 28% are female researchers in these fields.

At the Esplai Foundation, they take on the challenge of contributing to the reduction of the gender gap with young people by launching the #ChicasInTech campaign , which encompasses various actions to contribute to the empowerment of girls and boys by promoting scientific and technological vocations.

The campaign was launched on March 6 and encourages social organizations, individuals and institutions to participate in different ways. One of them wants to video the views of girls and adolescents around them about technology and the gender roles that are attributed to them.

The videos can be sent to the email address gporres [at] fundacionesplai.org. The Esplai Foundation will disseminate all the material that reaches them through their profiles on social networks.


April and October : Online course for professionals "Educating in technologies with a gender perspective". More information available soon here .

Week of April 23 : International Day of Girls and Girls in ICT. Workshops and events are encouraged.

Week of October 13 : Ada Lovelace Day Celebration and face-to-face closing ceremony

All campaign materials can be found here .