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The space stands TecnoFESC bring together companies and organizations in this field and will hold workshops related to sovereignty and computer technology: Install a Party allow users to come with your computer install software; Restart a Party to help repair electronic devices; a point of recycling and donation of computer equipment recover old computers for use by other organizations or factory automation processes to improve organizational management and dissemination of their activities. El Teb will participate by offering a robotics workshop with Little Bits aimed at children and youth.

Thus the TecnoFESC want to influence the different stages of the life of technological devices and how we use from the point of view of responsible consumption, addressing issues such as planned obsolescence and labor rights in producing countries. These alternatives are discussed in "lightning talks" five minutes.

Teb The initiative is accompanied by SETEM Catalonia , Reutilitza.cat , Electronic Reuse , Restarters BCN and Adab1ts , among other organizations and companies.


Throughout the FESC: about recycling computer equipment, by Andròmines.


  • 11-14h Workshop software and reuse of computer equipment, by Pangea, ereuser.
  • 12-14h Point donation of computer equipment by associations, by Reutilitza.cat
  • 14-15h "Engresca't with Guifi"
  • 16-17h "Lightning Talks" (five minutes) presentation of projects: Watch Electronics, Reutilitza.cat, Electronic Reuse, Restarters BCN, El Teb, Adab1ts, Moden, Mobile Social Congress, Jamgo, Eticom, Guifi.net, Dabne, APP Kune Eticom, Blue Terabyte Foundation, among others.
  • 17-18h Workshop automating processes to improve organizational management and dissemination of their activities. A charge of Adab1ts, web development and technology consulting.
  • Restart 17-20h Party, by Restarters Barcelona. Registrations restartersbcn.info
  • 18:30 Introduction to LibreOffice, by Softcatalà
  • 19:30 Workshop Arch Linux installation of recycled hardware (Pentium 4 and earlier), by Andròmines.


  • 11-12: 30h "Big problems, small solutions" workshop for children and young people an introduction to technological sovereignty, by El Teb.
  • 12: 30-13: 30h "Lightning Talks" (five minutes) presentation of the projects participating in the TecnoFESC. If you have a project or an alternative computer technology you can also present!
  • 13: 30-14: 30h Presentation Kune APP collaborative consumption, by the Risell.