Course: Create the website of your organization with WordPress
Course: Create the website of your organization with WordPress. Author: El Teb. 2017. License: BY-NC-SA.

El Teb has an Òmnia telecentre in the Raval district of Barcelona. They like to lend a hand to the third sector organizations with their digital media. They offer training and counseling, working with various adminitrations and organizations. This May they start a course specially designed for nonprofit organizations that do not have online presence. They will learn to create a website and get started on social networks.

Create the website of your organization with WordPress is a very practical course, which accompanies students step by step in the creation of their website with the WordPress platform. It is an easy to use tool that allows to create and manage free web sites tailored to the needs of each organization. The course also helps discover the best ways to disseminate communications through social media.

The training is aimed at workers and volunteers of third sector organizations and is recognized by theTraining Plan and Voluntary Associations of Catalonia (PFAVC). It is an online course, from 2 to 28 May and it will require a commitment of 20 hours approximately. It costs 15 euros per participant. Registration can be made through this form.

Through this training students will learn:

  • What we need to communicate? The participants value what and how they want to communicate.
  • Four keys for digital communication: Tips to know how to write content in a digital medium.
  • The structure of our website. Consider how to organize information.
  • How do I...? Insert photos, share videos, creating a photo album insert maps, classifying content ... Our website will allow this and much more!
  • Extensions and design: make extensions and change the layout of the blog in one click.

The course students will be able to implement everything they learn by creating the website of the company at the blogging platform of . In the case of having a blog and want to implement in it the learnings of the course, it will have to be created with WordPress and installed on your own server.