El Teb offers online course in Moodle for organizations
El Teb offers online course in Moodle for organizations. Author: El Teb. 2017. License: BY-NC-SA.

How to convert a classroom course in a virtual one? How to transform the dynamics of the classroom in a virtual environment? With this proposal el Teb aims to give a helping hand to all those organizations that offer training and want to change them in order to offer online courses and blended learning. They want to introduce tools and working methods in the online training offered by the third sector and facilitate the expansion and transformation of traditional classroom training, specifically:

  • learn and practice capabilities and resources of Moodle virtualization training and revitalization of distance learning courses,
  • practice learning by the online learning platform Moodle, and
  • experiment with and reflect on online training methodologies.

The course can be completed online from 10 April to 14 May 2017. It will have a duration of 30 hours, with six weeks of work. Requires a commitment of five hours per week, with free distribution of hours throughout the week.

This training is aimed at volunteers or technical team  that design and implement training in their organization and want to incorporate distance learning or mixed models between training and distance learning. The price is 15 euros per participant and registration is now open. People who pass the course (participation and evaluation) will receive a certificate of the Training Plan of Volunteering of Catalonia.

The technical requirements to successfully complete the course are: computer with updated browser and internet connection. The participant must have a good level of ICT knowledge.