After Primavera360
After Primavera360. Author: Education360.

Educació360 seeks initiatives and actions that allow us to know experiences, share reflections on community needs, draw new horizons to advance in a fair and quality education and share methodologies and guidelines, etc. The aim is to learn about the challenges of Education360 in Catalonia and learn from the capital of ideas and projects that are being carried out to ensure that all children have relevant educational activities beyond the classroom.

What kind of events can be organized?

The # Primavera360 invites to organize events during the first fortnight of May that promote reflection and action in favor of educational equity through the connection of the different agents of the community and learning. The typology is:

  • Papers, dialogues and seminars with experts on 360 education focus topics: quality and impact of extracurricular activities, devices on local educational support, the potential educator of the municipality, art and culture 360.
  • Round tables and open debates with the educational community on the challenges that the territory has in terms of educational equity and possible solutions.
  • Visits to Education360 internships where leaders and protagonists explain the what-who-how and why of their project.
  • Samples of experiences, tastings of activities or fairs of entities open to the whole population to make known and value and the opportunities for enriched learning of the territory.
  • Workshops to experience how to implement 360 strategies and tools.
  • 360 Education Guide and Resource Presentations.
  • Edcamps 360: meetings with people from the educational community who want to learn from each other and network.

What do they offer?

  • Dissemination from the pre-conference communication campaign on its social channels (web, newsletter, networks, mailings,…). and the possibility of sharing the knowledge, reflections and proposals of your activities through the communication channels of the Education 360 Alliance.
  • Contacts of experts in different fields, possible speakers, facilitators of dynamics.
  • Laboratories and workshops on educational resources and tools 360.
  • The possibility of contrasting contents, formats and methodologies of the events with the 360 Education team. Communicative toolkit

To participate, you must send information about your event before March 28 through this form . For any questions, suggestions or contributions you may have, write to us at jornada@educació or contact us by telephone on 93 458 87 00 and ask for Núria Duñó.