The SINGA entity energizes the initiative designed for migrants, refugees or asylum seekers who are promoting a project. Enter and discover more!

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Image of SINGA. Font: SING. License: All rights reserved.

The Catalan entity SINGA has recently opened a mentoring space for entrepreneurial people. Born in 2018, in the city of Barcelona, the non-profit association offers personalized advice aimed at two very specific profiles: migrants, refugees or asylum seekers who are promoting a project (they can also be second-generation migrants) or local people who have a project related to refuge, migration or interculturality.

The typology of the Catalan entity's projects is very diverse. In this sense, they can be artistic, associative or business initiatives. They can also be projects in the initial phase, in the development phase or in the consolidation phase. The usual dynamic is to arrange a first meeting to define the needs and, depending on the project, the appropriate mentors are contacted.

The Catalan entity SINGA aims to promote exchanges between migrants or refugees and local people. The intention is to promote talent and support projects led by migrants, as well as accompany them in the development of initiatives through social entrepreneurship.