Liliana Arroyo, director general of Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya, talks about the past, present and future of the Xarxa Punt TIC Network. Enjoy the new audiovisual report!

"One of the elements that characterizes us is the Charter of Digital Rights and Responsibilities and one of the rights we try to promote is the possibility of accessing connectivity, devices and digital tools. In this framework, the TIC Point Network is a key element, they are digital proximity points for citizens", explains Liliana Arroyo, general director of Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya. After more than twenty years of activity, the Xarxa Punt TIC Network, which currently has more than 400 members, has allowed the digital revolution to spread across the territory and at the same time maintain active listening to learn about at all times the needs of towns and cities. "It is a network that has a great capacity for evolution over time in terms of spaces, equipment, software, tools and, above all, content. This has been one of his great successes. Punt TIC is a meeting place, a place to resolve doubts, where there is clearly a differentiating feature: the dynamists, people who have incredible talent and who not only know about the digital environment but also know how to respond to the needs of the citizenry", affirms Arroyo.

The promotion of technological vocations among girls and the critical and responsible use of new technologies at home are two of the central themes that currently make up the ICT Point Network. Similarly, digital social innovation has a prominent presence. "The digital fact is what must allow us to move forward. We do not set a digital tool as a default solution, but consider how digital environments can help us achieve this societal ideal. And we, the ICT Point Network and the General Directorate, are on this path: to create a mature, empowered and critical digital community", concludes Arroyo.