The Generalitat de Catalunya has launched a free, immediate and confidential emotional support chat that is offered through the WhatsApp mobile application. We explain it to you!

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Image of girls. 2020. Font: Pexels. License: BY-SA.

The Secretaria d’Infància, Adolescència i Joventut de la Generalitat de Catalunya has launched 'Obro Feel', an emotional support chat. The new service, offered by the Fundació Ajuda i Esperança through the Direcció General de Joventut del Departament de Drets Socials de la Generalitat de Catalunya, aims to become an intimate and safe space where young people can feel free to express themselves what they need. Behind it, there is a multidisciplinary team of professionals with long experience who try to help improve the situation. Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The new service is free, immediate and confidential and is offered through the WhatsApp mobile application. You only need to add the phone number 680 354 155 to your contacts and start a conversation.

In order to publicize the new service, a communication and awareness campaign has been launched with the title 'It's reason enough' which focuses on three situations: depression, suicidal ideation and eating disorders. The campaign seeks not to trivialize these thoughts and to make the young person aware that what they feel is relevant to seeking help. In this sense, the communication campaign has had the collaboration of professionals in the field of health and young people who have gone through these experiences.