Responsible digital social innovation at your ICT point
Responsible digital social innovation at your ICT point. Author: Pexels. 2020. License: BY-SA.

1. Develop a digital awareness

It is important to internally analyze what we understand by digital social innovation. It will help us to understand what is happening around us and the opportunities our point has to intervene.

You have to develop a digital conscience, understand the power relations present in digital society, to make critical use of technology. Acquire skills that allow us to understand the importance of our actions on the Internet, of the application of digital tools, of a safe and responsible use.

2. By advising you on promoting critical digital education

It is important to understand technology from the development of a critical vision in the face of digital transformation. Technology is a means and not an end, but that does not make it harmless.

For example, you can take advantage of the resources that Red Punto TIC has at your fingertips. At the CampusLab of Punto TIC, there is a self-training course that talks about the subject and that you can find here. In addition, during JdIS 2020, at Albert Pujol, facilitator of the TIC COEBA Lab Point, he pointed out many ideas. You can recall the video here.

3. Avoid resistance to change

When we talk about digital social innovation, we are not talking only about technology, we are talking about people. Look around you and collaborate to share knowledge and resources and establish mutual support actions with other agents in your environment. It is essential to change the dynamic of competition for that of collaboration and solidarity.