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Digital and intergenarational sponsorship

Posted on 13/03/2017
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Participants of the project
Participants of the project, for Project's Website. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

We are telling you about a good practice being developed at the Institute of Santa Coloma de Farners. The students at the school are digital patrons of elderly people and they teach them to use instant messaging, to share photos on the web, etc. We believe that this initiative can motivate some facilitators to develop a similar project in their Punt TIC. What do you think about it?

This is a digital and intergenerational project that has as main objective to support the elderly in the discovery and use of digital tools and materials; thus enhancing their mental activity and social activity between generations.

The digital patrons are 1st of ESO students. They design and program apps, games and digital audiovisual animations, and they also teach elderly people how to use the various tools and digital materials with the support of the website of the project. In addition, the 4th of ESO students coordinate the process and manage the website. This site includes the necessary tools for communication between sponsors and sponsored, as well as all activities designed to promote the active aging.

This initiative has participated in mSchools Edu_Hack, organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and has taken place in the last edition of the Mobile World Congress. It is a co-creation process on a large scale aimed at teachers, with the aim to identify and develop in a collaborative way, innovative experiences in the classroom for all educational levels. The results of this workshop are more than 40 proposals Edu_Hack validated and shared with the educational community through mSchools Toolbox.

We believe that this proposal of the educational community can be inspiring for facilitators of the Punt TIC Network. We encourage them to adapt it to the needs and possibilities of their participants and telecentre.