Coworking Spain Conference 2018
The Coworking Spain Conference will take place in Madrid, on May 17 and 18. Author: Coworking Spain (Twitter). License: All rights reserved.

The Coworking Spain Conference is the annual event that serves as a meeting point to analyze the new trends, problems and opportunities in the sector. The managers of these spaces, as well as the people who gather there, will meet there. Organized by Coworking Spain, Impact Hub Madrid and Marc Navarro, this year will be held the seventh edition of the conference. It will be at the headquarters of Impact Hub Madrid, on May 17 and 18.

On the web page of the event you can consult the program and the information about the speakers. The most outstanding presentations are these:

  • "The impact of coworking", by Antonio González, de Impact Hub Madrid.
  • "The State of Coworking in Spain", by Manuel Zea, of CoworkingSpain.
  • "Coworking 2020", by Marc Navarro.
  • "To grow of way (organic) and with sense (debt)", in charge of Marta Gracia, of Cloud Coworking.
  • "The irruption of the real estate market to coworking", by Jorge Zanolett of Prop Tech Lab.
  • "Modify the coworking market in a city", by Ruba Nemesh, from Porto IO (report in English).
  • "Key points to invest in coworking", by José Antonio de Pedro, Rialto Capital / Jerónimo Madrid.
  • "The life cycle of a Digital Nomad", by Eduardo Diego, of Sun & CO.
  • "10 amazing things you do as a manager of a coworking community (and you do not notice yourself until it fences)", by Miquel Àngel Calero, of COsfera.
  • "One against all", by Rafa de Ramon, from utopic_US.
  • "How to move from managing a space to being a proprietor", by Javier de Timoteo, from Nidus 39, and Joana Carvalho, from Dinamo10.
  • "Coworking Technology Essentials", by Ryan Chatterton (report in English).

The tickets are for sale. The cheapest ones are running out (early bird and angry bird). Standard tickets can be purchased for 200 euros (plus 10 euros of management expenses) until April 30 or until they are stored. During the month of May, the price of the tickets will be 250 euros (plus 12.5 euros for expenses).