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Colectic participates in the All Digital Week 2021

Posted on 22/03/2021
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All Digital Week 2021
All Digital Week 2021, for ALL DIGITAL. 2021. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On the 26th of March, ALL DIGITAL's All Digital Week 2021 is celebrated and Colectic participates with its STEAM on Edu project explaining the platform and online community for STE (A) M educators. You can register here.

During the event, the main activities and results of the STEAMonEdu project will be presented, highlighting three aspects of the project:

  1. Community: teachers and educators have a central role as members of a community that is supported by an online platform in the compilation of good practices, the design of educational scenarios, the discussion of the necessary skills and the exchange of experiences.
  2. Ecosystem: the STE (A) M competency framework details the competencies needed to implement STE (A) M education that leads to the STE (A) M educator profile and supports a self-assessment tool for STE (a) readiness M for educators and organizations, while the STE (a) M educational framework describes the methodologies, knowledge, OER and related practices.
  3. Professional development of teachers and educators: the project will offer a training course, which includes a MOOC based on the STE (A) M competency framework, complemented by a combined course that will lead to the collaborative development of STE (A) M templates and learning activity projects.

The event will be moderated by Professor Achilles Kameas, Chairman of the Board of ALL DIGITAL.


14:30-14:35h Welcome and presentation of the agenda. Prof. Achilles Kameas, CTI
14:35-14:45h Key results of the STEAMonEdu project. Prof. Achilles Kameas, CTI
14:45-15:00h STE (A) M Framework of competences of the educator. Natalia Spyropoulou, CTI
15:00-15:15h STE (A) M Educational framework. Mihai Iacob, EOS Romania Foundation
15:15-15:30h STEAMonEdu training offer. Athanasios Iossifidis, CTI
15:30-15:45h Platform and online community STEAMonEdu. Esther Subias, Colectic
15:45-16:00h Questions and answers 16:00h Closing

You can make your registration here.