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The City Council of Barcelona creates an "app" to detect where and how sexist aggressions take place

Posted on 17/05/2019
icona de so
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Women with a mobile phone, for Freepik. Licence: BY-SA

The City Council of Barcelona has created the mobile application BCN Antimasclista , a tool for free and free access to all people the people of the city (women, men and women) can indicate anonymously and confidentially where and how is it? They have felt aggressive or harassed.

The App has been promoted by the Council of Feminisms and LGBTI and allows to inform about a harassment or aggression suffered in the city Condal by means of a questionnaire with questions such as the day and hour of the aggression, if the person who suffers goes alone or accompanied or the place where it has taken place.

These data will allow you to configure a map with the points of aggression and harassment to carry out actions in the public space and define public policies for prevention and care.

Although it is not used to make direct complaints, it has a geolocation system that allows you to inform, in a confidential and anonymous way, the place where aggression or sexual or sexist harassment has been suffered and includes a button of Emergency to call 112.

The App is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded through the City Council website .

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