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The challenge of digital transformation for social entities

Posted on 07/02/2018
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The non-profit organizations are in the stage of takeoff in the digital field and that this will entail a profound change in organizations., for rawpixel.com a Unsplash. Licence: sense restriccions conegudes de drets d'autor (Flickr)

The ESADE Institute for Social Innovation and the PwC Foundation have published a report that aims to serve as a starting point to explore the challenge of digital transformation in social entities. They say that the third sector is in the stage of takeoff in the digital field and that this will entail a profound change in organizations.

According to the study "The digital transformation of NGOs. Concepts, solutions and case studies", non-profit entities are taking action to adapt and take advantage of the changes that technology brings, but, nevertheless, only 8% of NGOs have a digital strategy defined as such.

The report considers that it lacks "a global strategy as an entity" and that "to survive as an organization it will be necessary to consider a profound change that will transform the operations and that could even rethink the strategy of the entity ".

Publication offers some keys to develop a digital strategy and shows two success stories of organizations that have opted for the social transformation: Save the Children and Arrels Foundation.


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