#VerifiedForGood campaign
. Author: Women's Foundation.

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average salary of men and the average salary of women as a percentage of the average salary of men, highlighting what women earn less than men. According to INE data, the current gap is 19.5% and increases according to age, standing at 34.3% in those over 65, 18.2% between 55 and 65 years and 9 , 7% between the ages of 35 and 44. In addition, it increases in part-time salaries by 12.3% and full-time salaries by 8.7%.

The causes are varied. We can find, for example, the presence of gender roles and stereotypes, the horizontal and vertical segregation of the labor market, the underestimation of women's work and skills or little co-responsibility or difficulties in reconciling family.

From the Mujeres Foundation with the commitment to make visible the inequalities and gender gaps that occur in the labor market to continue working for equal opportunities have partnered with Twitter and the Shackleton agency to launch the campaign #VerifiedForGood via verified Twitter account @BrechaSalarial . From this profile, official data and verified information on this reality will be tweeted, giving relevance to this social problem of public interest.