Impressora 3D
Subvencions per als Punt TIC per adquirir maquinari de fabricació digital. Author: Colectic. License: BY-NC.

The beneficiaries of these subsidies may be the public or private entities legally constituted, with headquarters in Catalonia, which manage a member center of the Punt TIC Network of Catalonia.

The acquisition of the hardware must be well motivated by the development of a digital and collaborative social innovation project defined by the entity, or for the exercise of the entity's usual activity, in case this is related to digital social innovation : investments for the creation, renovation or extension of the ICT infrastructure of the Punt TIC Network managed by the applicant organization, related to digital manufacturing, technological prototype or expanded (3D printers, milling machines , laser cutters, among others), educational robotics and programming (Arduino, motherboards, sensors, among others).

The acquisition of hardware must be adapted to the philosophy and objectives of the Catlabs program, which promotes initiatives of an experimental nature for the development of innovative solutions and new forms of organization and interaction that respond to social challenges or collectives.

The subsidy is for both new and purchased purchases in 2018 . Thus, acquisitions made from January 1, 2018, may be subsidized until two months after notification of the resolution of the call.

The amount of the subsidy will be of a minimum of 3,000 euros and a maximum of 6,000 euros , and in no case can exceed the cost of the expense realized. Only one project per applicant entity is eligible.

Through the webinar available on the YouTube channel of the Punt TIC Network you can find all the keys to presenting the projects.

From the Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society and the Office of Promotion of the Punt TIC Network, we are at your disposal to solve any doubt and give you a hand.

All the information on the call is available through the website of the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya.