Mozilla Survey: Only 10% of people know how to protect themselves online
Mozilla Survey: Only 10% of people know how to protect themselves online. Author: Mozilla. License: All rights reserved.

With this survey, Mozilla wanted to know how people feel about issues such as privacy, encryption, monitoring and security online. It also seeks to help build a safer Internet, detecting weaknesses and offering tips to improve them. The research includes responses from 30 thousand Mozilla community members from countries such as France, Australia, Germany, Canada, USA and UK.

The results of the study show that the majority of Internet users will feel powerless, but not spend too much effort to be informed or trained about safety. Thus, over 90% of respondents said they did not know much about protecting themselves online, but only three people showed interest in attending training in safe tools. Mozilla recommends to keep updated the software in order to have the latest safety improvements from developers.

Only one in ten survey participants feel that they have control over their personal information online. In this sense, Mozilla recommends using the option of private browsing in Firefox, which does not store browsing history, cookies or searches.

Do you know what encryption is? One in three survey participants admitted that they know nothing or know very little about encryption. If this is also your case, here you are a video that explains encryptation in simple language.

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